Saturday, May 16, 2009


You're my life.
Why could i let you go?
And when you gone.
Destroy my mission to bright a star,
And when you leave,
Destroy my mission to give you star,
Come here and bright a moon,
Cause a moon won't light without you,
I'm sure it do,
Cause you're the light that bright my life,
I know,
Cause i feel when you stand by myside,
Where are you?
Please take me away,
Take me to the place where can we laugh and smile,
Just you and me,
No one no one,
Just you and me.
I'm sure you're my guidance,
Cause i just feel when you smile,
When you gone,
Feel like summer without breeze,
Come here and hold my hands,
I'm afraid this just for a last time.
thank you (:

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