Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nashhan Zubri <3

What i like about she.

She's love me.
She's always says ILY (:
She's care about me.
She's accept me even though i'm BAD.
She's the one that always make me happy.
She's cool!
She's my brother best friends :P
She's rebel
She's called me PEROMPAK BANK!
She's kiss me (:
She's Hug me (:
She's always ask me to hold her hands
She's always put her head on my shoulder
She's the one that always make me topup :P
She's give me ELMO
She's breaking silence
She's the one that wish me first on my birthday (:
She's always supersaver me
She's always bully me ):
She's always HENTAM me
She's form 2
She's extraodinary

that she is.
Nashhan Zubri.
thank sayang for being half of me.

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